Five Ways to Wellbeing- Take Notice- Little Acts of Kindness Change the World


Don’t think that little things you do every day to help others don’t matter. Some of them change lives:


Happy Salad

Ricardeau Scutt’s father brought him over from Haiti, because as dad said, “There are no jobs in Haiti . . . A job there is like winning the lottery.”

Unfortunately, 20-year-old Ricardeau, who spoke little English, couldn’t land a job in the U.S. either.

Dad was a taxi driver and mentioned his son’s problem to a passenger. The passenger brought Ricardeau to a Salad Works where he knew the owner. The passenger simply made an introduction. It probably took 5 minutes.

Ricardeau got a job as a dishwasher, worked his way up over time to general manager and then won his own franchise through a company contest to award a restaurant to the best general manager.

As for that stranger who took five minutes to help him get his first job, Ricardeau said, “[If I saw him again,] I’d hug him for the next five minutes and tell him, ‘Thank you for everything’…If I ever met that guy I would thank him a million times. He literally put me in the position I am.”

Click here, for ideas on how conversations with strangers can help you achieve your goals


$15 per month to change over 500 lives

Former Swedish schoolteacher Hilde Back paid $15 per month to sponsor a young Kenyan child’s education. She made the donation without meeting the recipient. She had some extra money and believed that she should help.

Without the scholarship for education, Chris Mburu would have been destined to work in the fields and never escape poverty. Instead, the scholarship changed his life. Chris excelled in school, wound up attending Harvard and setup a nonprofit to pay for the education of other Kenyan children.

Chris petitioned the Swedish embassy to find out the name of his benefactor. When they told him, he named his charity after her – the Hilde Back Education Fund.

To date, that nonprofit has allowed over 500 children to be educated. Changing their lives and their families’ lives forever.

Read the full story about Hilde Back.

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