Five Ways to Wellbeing- Be Active- Paralyzed Woman Flies Jet Fighter On-Screen Using Only Her Thoughts

There is no excuse not to be active, is there? Anyone can take exercise, even if it is just their brain and eyes.


Mind control has long been a favorite subject of science fiction writers. Characters from Professor X, in the Xmen series, to the anti-heroine in the movie Lucy have displayed super powers using only thoughts.

Now, a 55-year-old paralyzed woman can join their ranks after flying a simulated jet using only her mind.

Jan Scheuermann, a quadriplegic since 2003, initially fed herself chocolate by merely thinking about controlling the robotic arm created by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Unable to move her arms and legs due to a neurodegenerative condition, DARPA approached Scheuermann in 2012 about connecting her brain into a robotic arm.

The project, called “Revolutionizing Prosthetics,” is a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering Research Laboratories intended to develop advanced artificial limbs to help injured veterans.

“We are thinking about exactly how to restore function after injury, how the brain can be used to actuate devices,” Justin Sanchez, the head of DARPA’s prosthetic research, told Wired.

Scheurmann was fitted with two electrodes in the motor cortex of her brain. She was able to successfully control the robotic arm feeding herself chocolate and even give high fives to researchers.

However, the group took it a step further last year.

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