Five Ways to Wellbeing- Take Notice- Former Addict Cuts Homeless People’s Hair

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And On The Seventh Day, This Former Addict Cuts Homeless People’s Hair

nasir sobhani cutting hair 2 copyright Scott Bradshaw

Six days a week, Nasir Sobhani cuts hair in a barber shop. On the seventh day, he hops on his long skateboard, packs up his barber kit, and approaches homeless people in some of Melbourne, Australia’s roughest neighborhoods to ask them if they’d like a free haircut.

When he finds a taker, he’s able to offer just a few moments of normalcy to someone who hasn’t had something as simple as a haircut in a very long time.

“They need actual human contact, some stimulus to help engage them in a form of intimacy with a human being that cares for them,” said Sobhani, a 26-year-old Canadian native now widely known as the “Streets Barber” thanks to a popular YouTube documentary.

nasir sobhani outside cutting hair instagram

At 3 a.m. Australia time, he sat down for a Skype session with Good News Network and showed us around his studio.

The fact that he was once a cocaine and opiate addict, he explains, helps him relate with many of his street “clients” who struggle with addiction and alcoholism, and opens the door for meaningful conversations.

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