All About Author J S Frankel

Jesse FrankelHi, my name’s Jesse Frankel—pen name, J.S. Frankel—and I write primarily Young Adult/Fantasy. Too many details for me to list, so here are the basics. I was born in Toronto, Canada too many years ago to count, grew up there, managed to scrape through university with a BA in English Literature and Political Science, moved to Japan when I was twenty-six and never went back. My wife, Akiko, is from Osaka, and we make our home there with our two sons, Kai and Ray.

As for writing, I got into the game rather late in life. I’ve always been an avid reader, but I didn’t write my first novel until I was forty-eight and it was published digitally a year later. I’ve been at it ever since. Some of my favorite novels I’ve written have been the Catnip Trilogy, the Lindsay/Jo Trilogy, Star Maps and Mr. Taxi. All of them have been published through Devine Destinies, with the exception being the Lindsay/Jo series, published through Regal Crest.Jesse Catnip

Why Young Adult, you may ask? I like it for its immediacy, its freshness, and the choices the protagonists have to make. When you’re young, choices seem so much harder and carry so much more weight. Looking back on things, what I chose to do as a teenager seemed to be so pressing at the time; now, it just seems trivial. But that’s how things go.

First-person or third-person—I’ve done both. Half of my novels are written in first-person. Both ways are good and both have their merits as well as their shortcomings. It’s up to the writer to make them work.

I realize this blog post is short, so if anyone wants to have a look at my novels, they can find me on Amazon at this address:

Picture (Im)Perfect


Mr Taxi

Star Maps

Or, they can find me on Facebook at:

Thanks for the chance, Catherine!






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