This Week I Shall Be Talking About- Downton Abbey 1. The Christmas Special

I’ve had an up and down relationship with Downton Abbey. Its illogical, unrealistic and prejudiced at times, but the characters and actors are so appealing in various ways that I’ve watched every episode devotedly.

At Christmas it will be time to say goodbye. I like this article:

First look at the Downton Abbey Christmas Day finale, new trailer hints both at joy and loss for the house

The last ever episode of the beloved series airs Christmas Day.

The final episode of Downton Abbey will air Christmas Day, with a new trailer offering us a first glimpse at the proceedings.

It’s a bittersweet one, as the house prepares for New Year’s celebrations and for the year 1926; creators clearly knowing they can play on audiences’ long-held affection for the series with a surprisingly emotional rendition of Auld Lang Syne as led by Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan). During which we can reflect both some of the great romances of the series, including the recently married Henry (Matthew Goode) and Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), and it’s great losses; with Henry still mourning the loss of friend Charlie Rogers (Sebastian Dunn), and under-butler Thomas (Rob James-Collier) making preparations for his departure. “I arrived here as a boy, and leave as a man.”

More here:


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