Five Ways to Wellbeing- Keep Learning- New Year, New You

School of Life

New Year, New You
 5 Days to Transform Your Life

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Begin 2016 with a week of transformational personal development at the TSOL New Year Intensive. Led by our experienced faculty, the New Year Intensive blends tuition, exercises and discussion that will leave you equipped with tools and strategies to help you conquer life’s biggest battles.

Limited places available. Full programme below.

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Values and Ambitions

Focus on how to identify the things that really matter in life. You’ll explore why self-knowledge matters, how to get more out of it, and how to gain a deeper understanding of the values and ambitions that drive you.

Thoughts from a past participant:
‘When else do you get a chance to really think about what is important in life, with fantastic, inspiring teachers who really know and understand what they are talking about?’


Overcoming Obstacles 

Learn how to face adversity and emerge stronger and more resourceful. Study exercises for building resilience and learn to harness the therapeutic benefits of writing and philosophy.

Thoughts from a past participant:
‘The programme was superb, brilliantly facilitated and all of the teaching was top quality. The course leader created a environment where I felt safe to share.’



Building Relationships

Strengthen relationships with lovers, family and friends. Learn how to make love last, relate to your family and communicate better with the people who matter most.

Thoughts from a past participant:
‘I would highly recommend The School of Life’s one week intensive course to anyone. You get time and space to really think about many different areas of your life from your career to great conversations.’



Work-Life Balance

Concentrate on the challenges of finding and sustaining meaningful work, whether you’re looking to find a more fulfilling career or stay at the top of your game. Learn how to stay focused and manage the whirlwind of your working life.

Thoughts from a past participant:
‘Such a fantastic course – I would recommend to anyone and feel so refreshed and invigorated for taking part. It has equipped me with tools to live my life better.’


Creativity and Contemplation

Learn to realise your creative potential and see new possibilities in all of your endeavours. Finally, we will bring together the week’s lessons and consider how to make a real difference to our own lives and the wider community.

Thoughts from a past participant:
‘The journey this week was like life; both hard and easy, enjoyable and terrifying.’



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